Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's a Wine Blogger To Do?

la crescent wine from four daughters winery Last Saturday I wrapped up my service on the board of directors of the Minnesota Grape Growers Association. I joined the board two years ago to serve its members and help spread the word about a unique state industry that was growing right under my nose. Six months prior I didn't even know the Minnesota wine industry even existed, let alone that Minnesota is a national leader in cold climate viticulture! That's when I started this blog. It began as a log of my discoveries and a way to help spread the good word about Minnesota wines.

While I was involved with the MGGA, ironically, I didn't have the capacity to do much with this blog. But now, with a new perspective, more knowledge and new industry contacts and friends, (and more capacity in my life) I'm wondering: what's a cold climate wine blogger to do now?

And so I'm asking:

  • What you want to know about the Minnesota grape and wine industry?
  • What information would be helpful to you before purchasing Minnesota wine?
  • What sources do you use now to learn more about Minnesota wine?
  • What's your opinion of Minnesota wine?
  • When was the last time you tried Minnesota wine?

Let me know your thoughts! I hope to see you soon in a local tasting room! --Kristo


  1. Hi Kristo,
    Glad to see you're back at this! What I would like to see is more MN restaurants with Cold Climate Wines on their menus.

    And more metro area liquor stores with Cold Climate wines on their shelves. We find particularly poor selections at metro stores and more resistance to carrying MN wines.

    I am pleased that we were selected for honors at the MN Food and Wine Show, but I don't believe they selected a single MN wine to feature in their chef led wine and food pairings. This is MN's biggest wine show, and it would be AWESOME to see cold climate wines embraced - indeed showcased! I know that won't happen overnight, but maybe your blog can have a positive impact on this goal?

    Love to see you at CCW - maybe this summer? - we need to catch up!

    1. Tami, we do need to catch up. Congrats on your recent honors. Cheers to you! Love the idea of getting more MN wine in restaurants and liquor stores. A worthy mission!

  2. Kristo,
    You have heard this before, but I'm still beating this drum: "Drink Minnesota!" wine and beer state wide campaign. We can give winery/brewery flyers at the display racks. See what kind of feedback your people give and see if this is a popular idea or not.
    Thanks for the help on the MGGA. Glad to see the blog.

  3. Kristo,
    I am a food/wine enthusiast living in MN, but I don't have a lot of experience with MN wines. Why? General opinion seems to be not that favorable. When I have ordered MN wines by the glass in local restaurants, my impression is that I may need to have different expectations for the wine (e.g. sweetness) as compared to wines from traditional regions.
    Please help educate us on what to expect uniquely from cold climate wines, point us to some top local wineries, explain or point us in the right direction to learn about the grapes being used/developed expressly for our climate. thanks!